Executive committees




Head of Technical, Regatta & equipments Commission

Faycal Soula


Head of Umpiring Commission

Moanes ElSarky


Head of Sport medicine Commission

Bachir Djelouat


Head of Marketing, Media & Communications Commission

Olga Maria Albuquerque


Head of Women Commission

Noha Soliman


Head of Legal Commission

M’Barek Khamassi


Head of Development Working Group

Youssef Abdel Rahmane


Head of Coaches Commission

Khaled Ramadan


Head of Athletes Commission

Abbaci Djamel


The FASA Commissions are as follow:

1- Events, Technical and Materials Commission
2- Umpiring Commission
3- Coaches Commission
4- Women Commission
5- Legal Commission
6- Media, Communication & Promotion Commission
7- Sport Medicine Commission

Each Commission is composed of :

1- Chairperson elected by the General Assembly. The Candidates must be nominated in writing
by their concerned national federations or by three national federations members.
2- Four members appointed by the FASA Council on the recommendation of the elected
Commission Chairperson.
The term of election of the commissions is a period of four years.
The Executive Committee may establish one or more new commissions whenever it is required.
This/these new commissions will have special duties. The matter will be referred to the General
Assembly for approval.
Article 35
The Executive commission held the commission’s meeting on the request from its Chairperson.
The Commission meetings shall be valid by the attendance of a majority of its members and decisions
are taken by the majority of its present members.
Commissions Chairpersons shall communicate with the FASA President and shall submit an annual
report in writing and any other reports required to be included in the agenda of the next General
Chapter 2 : Specific duties of the Commissions
Article 36

A) Events. Technical and Materials Commission:

1- To organize all FASA event

2- To prepare the calendar of African championships according to international standards.
3- To monitor the standards of FASA regattas and all FASA events.
4- To advise and assist organizing committees to improve the standard of facilities and regatta
5- To investigate the problems of Championships organization and find suitable solutions.
6- To evaluate all African events according to the international standards.
7- To visit and inspect the regatta courses.
8- To provide members for the technical group responsible for inspecting candidates for future
championships and Olympic Games.
9- To evaluate FASA Championships and prepare reports on the results of FASA championships
and refer these reports to the Council.
10- To define and ensure compliance with rules concerning boats and equipment for all FASA
11- To support the development in the field of rowing equipment & regatta courses.
12- To check rowing equipment from the point of view of safety of the rowers.
13- To encourage the production of inexpensive rowing equipments complying with specified
14- To organize and conduct courses on boat building and repairs.
15- To study the problems that encounter rowing sport and to find the appropriated and right
16- To assist in the interpretation of the sport rules.

B) Umpiring Commission:

1- To promote umpiring throughout Africa.
2- To apply the umpiring criteria of FISA.
3- To monitor the qualifications and quality of African umpires.
4- To appoint the juries at FASA Championship Regattas and African Olympic Qualification.
5- To prepare a book for the umpires of the member national federations.
6- To supervise the work of the juries at FASA championships.
7- To conduct umpires seminars using the most modern educational techniques and methods.

C) Coaches Commission:

1- To organize training courses to improve & develop the coaches’ level.
2- To set a different levels plan in cooperation with other rowing federations.
3- To organize a training course to the African coaches in cooperation with the FISA coaches
commission in order to enhance the African coaching to the international standard.
4- To assist within the preparation of the African national teams to take part in the international
5- To submit to the FASA Council an annual technical report about the situation of rowing sport
in Africa and the African rowing teams performance.

D) Women’s Rowing Commission:

1- To promote participation in women events on all levels (local, regional, continental,
2- To oversee all areas of women activity in rowing.
3- To identify and promote women in administration, coaching, umpiring and sports research
4- To establish and maintain contacts with people responsible for women‘s rowing in each
national federation member.
5- To organize seminars on women’s rowing.
6- To collect material for publicity and promotion of women‘s rowing.
7- To investigate the problems that face women’s rowing and to set the appropriated solutions.

E) Legal Commission:

1- To study all the legal issues concerning the implementation of rules and the practice of
rowing sport.
2- To study the contracts concluded by FASA with third parties.
3- To study the proposals for rules amendments.
4- To provide the legal viewpoint to FASA Council concerning subject related to the
interpretation of the rules.
5- To examine and provide the legal viewpoint regarding a protest filed by a national federationmember or a club concerning a rowing issue or rowing events. The legal viewpoint should be
submitted within seven days from the protest submission’s date.
6- To settle the cases or conflicts that could arise between the national federations members,
or forwarded by FASA Council to the commission.


F) Media, Communication and promotion Commission:

1- To advise on FASA activities and regatta and championships results to the media.
2- To issue a periodical biannual bulletin in cooperation with the Secretary General about FASA
activities and Championships and FASA Members.
3- To prepare a list of the press, journalist and media interested in the rowing sport.
4- To organize a press conference at the end of rowing event.
5- To prepare a full record book about each African event including all data about teams, prizes
and results …etc
6- To cooperate with the organizing committee to provide the appropriated tools, facilities and
information for media coverage and hold a press conference.
7- To cooperate with the Secretary General regarding the creation and development of FASA
website and the various communications tools.
8- To contribute to the promotion of rowing in all aspects.
9- To plan and co-ordinate the FASA Development Program Activities, to be carried out by
relevant commissions.
10- To co-operate with the President and Africa Representative in FISA to increase the number of
federations affiliated with FASA.
11- To help raise and improve the standards of rowing sport amongst the member federations,
particularly in the developing rowing countries.
12- To produce a high quality of the material for an educational program.
13- To plan and co-ordinate educational & training courses and seminars.
14- To stimulate a greater number of member federations to participate in FASA Championships
and All African Games.
15- To investigate means of developing the FASA incomes through contact with Sponsors of
Sports Programs.

G) Sports Medicine Commission:

1- To oversee and advise on all medical aspects related to rowing sport.
2- To ensure the existing of the adequate medical services during the African rowing events.
3- To monitor the medical services during rowing events.
4- To promote the prevention of sports injuries.
5- To study, monitor and publish a pamphlet regarding the biological aspects of training.
6- To assist in the basic medical education of coaches.
7- To regulate and undertake doping control and conduct the femininity test for the
8- To oversee the medical aspects of the accommodation of athletes at FASA events.
9- To organize a sport medicine seminar before the end of each event.

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