About fasa


  • Foundation

The Rowing Association of Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe founded the
Fédération Africaine des Sociétés d’Aviron (FASA), in English – African Rowing Federation (FASA) on
24th December 1992 in Cairo, Egypt. 

  •  Objectives
    1- To Encourage the practice of rowing in the affiliated Countries.
    2- To Strengthen the relations between the affiliated countries.
    3- To Promote and develop all forms of rowing in Africa.
    4- To Encourage the foundation of national rowing federations in the African nations which
    have no national rowing federation.
    5- To Encourage and supervise the organizations of Rowing Events in the affiliated countries.
    6- To Establish the criteria, programs, and courses for coaches and umpires .
    7- To Maintain the principle of Amateurism according to the FISA rules.
    8- To set up the rules of the African competitions between FASA members.
    9- To Settle any conflict that may arise between the affiliated members.
    10- To Create a website for FASA to promote its activities.


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