The 1st Central East African Championship, Khartoum 16/02/2019

Calendar of 2019
8 February، 2019

The 1st Central East African Championships, Khartoum 16/02/2019.
The Sudan Rowing and Canoe Federation (SRCF), in collaboration with FISA, has organized last week the first Central East African Championships, preceded by a training Camp for umpires and coaches, 03 countries participated in this event: Somalia, Uganda and Sudan.
Races took place on the bleu Nile river in Khartum, in 08 events over 500m ; the M1X, LM1X, LM2X, M2X, W1X, W2X, Mix2X and Mix4X.
Excellent partnership has been developed between FISA and SRCF for the success of this first championship as was the case during the 1st West African Championship held in Cote d’Ivoire in November 2018.
Anis Ben Khedher FISA umpire and Fayçal Soula FISA Competitive commission member were the FISA experts in this event.
The race of the W1X is in the Video.


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