Results of the African countries in the world rowing championship Bulgaria 2018

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31 July، 2018
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17 September، 2018

The world championships in Bulgaria 2018 ended today with the participation of seven countries from Africa,

The results were as follows :

Republic of south Africa ( RSA )  


M2-  4th  in       FINAL  B

LW2X 2nd in     FINAL  B

M4-      4th in    FINAL  B

M1X     4th in    FINAL  D

LM2X  5th in    FINAL  D

Tunisia (TUN)

LW1X                5th in   FINAL  B

PR3 MIX4+       5th in  FINAL  B

Zimbabwe  (zim)

M2X  2nd  in  FINAL  D

Namibia  (NAM)

W1X  4th in    FINAL  C

Egypt (EGY)

M1X          1st in     FINAL  E

M2X         5th in     FINAL  D

LW2X      2nd in    FINAL  D

Algeria (ALG)

LW2X     5th in     FINAL  C

LM4X      5th in    FINAL  B

Benin (BEN)

M1X         2nd in  FINAL  F

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